Book Review – “Wargaming the Sugar Island Campaign by Stuart Insch

This is a great little A5 booklet that supplements the “The Campaign For the Sugar Islands, 1759 A study of amphibious Warfare” by Marshall Smelser that I reviewed a few blogs ago.

The book provides a short history enough for the wargamer to run a campaign but not for a history buff, however there is a reasonable bibliography for those wanting to explore further.

The campaigns on Martinique and Guadeloupe are covered in reasonable depth with all of the major skirmishes covered. I quickly turned to the Guadeloupe pages to see if the skirmish at Madame Durcharmey’s plantation was covered and yep, it was there. Full marks Stuart!

There are six complete scenarios with table maps and OOB’s for both sides.

The book is also scattered with contemporaneous maps of the islands.

The book is well written in an easy to read style that I read from cover to cover within an hour. If you are interested in wargaming the period and are looking for some scenarios a little out of the ordinary then this is a great buy.

The scenarios are very easy to modify for you favourite rule set and there is a section suggesting both figure manufacturers and commercially available sets of rules.

The scenarios will fit right in with our favourite rules for the period – “Rebels and Patriots” by Dan Mersey. Don’t be surprised if you see a battle Report on Durcharmey’s plantation in the next few weeks.

Thoroughly recommended.

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