Warp Spiders

The Warp Spiders are Aeldari Aspect Warriors who specialise in the use of a personal teleportation device built into their Aspect Armour to make a series of rapid jumps through the Immaterium that make them nearly impossible to target and allow them to attack the enemy suddenly and disappear before he can strike back.

Taking their name from the creatures who protect the Infinity Circuits of their Craftworlds, the Warp Spiders epitomise the concept of an aggressive defence.

There is no known Phoenix Lord for the Warp Spiders. However, some Aeldari claim that the legendary Aeldari warrior Lhykosidae, known as the “Wraith Spider,” a legendary warrior renowned upon Craftworld Kaelor is the Phoenix Lord of the Warp Spiders.

Most other Aeldari disagree with this supposition because the Phoenix Lords appeared far earlier in Aeldari history and were responsible for founding their Warrior Aspect after their tutelage by Asurmen. The truth of the matter remains currently unknown to Imperial savants.

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