When is fact likely to be stranger than fiction……..?

……when you enter the world of witchcraft!!!

A man is running towards you. He stops with his body contorting. Before your eyes he is transforming into a giant wolf. Snarling it runs towards your group, when a young girl rushes out to meet it with some purple flowers in hand. As the wolf grabs her hand it shrieks back in pain and runs away.

That’s right I am talking about wica rather than wicker!

That small purple flower Aconitum napellus, or Wolfsbane, is the common known cure or weapon against fantastical creatures, especially werewolves. Though this isn’t just a mythical plant whose only purpose is to fight those creatures of the night, it also contains many other dark and deadly secrets. Like this true (I kid you not) story.

Why am I writing about this? Well, as I said, fact is stranger than fiction. In 2020 , at the start of covid, I went to Gameology to pick up a copy of the Dune expansion set for myself and Dave K, and saw the Harry Potter 2nd edition starter tin set. The models looked superb, if a little fragile, but it was soon on the way home with me.

About six months latter I had to pick my wife up from an art and craft class, and had to park some way away. With time to fill in I decided to do some window shopping and ended up buying some plants across the road from where the car was parked. As I was packing them in the boot of the car I noticed a shop keeper looking at me and also noticed that there was a sale bin out the front with what looked like some Harry Potter miniatures boxes. There was a reasonable collection of things and I asked the lady what she wanted for the lot minus any duplicates. I asked why they were in the sale bin and she mentioned that her customers purchased mainly essential oils, and crystals, or wanted a tarot or astrology reading, and the miniatures were not selling. One wonders why she could not read that in the cards before she decided to stock them!!!

After haggling for a little while over the price she asked about the pots of purple flowers that I had bought from across the road. She counter offered that if I also gave her the three purple plants she would agree to my price. As they were only a few dollars each I agreed, and she said you know they are Aconitum don’t you? This meant nothing to me and I quickly paid and left, before she changed her mind and turned me into a creepy crawly!

It wasn’t until I arrived home and looked the flower up that I realised that Aconitum is “wolfsbane” which fitted right in with her “metaphysical” wica supply shop! I am not sure who she needed to ward away but it obviously was not me as I was able to handle it with complete impunity!

The gloves may have helped Mwahahaha!

What’s that slight burning sensation and feeling of weakness that I have?!

Again where am I heading with all of this?

As I have had this Harry Potter collection for well over eighteen months just sitting in the back reaches of the cave, I have decided that they will be one of my 2022 projects.

As the figures are quite detailed and very accurately represent the movie characters they will probably take me most of the year, but it will be worth it in the long run.

These will not be batch painted but completed individually so will appear as individual posts as they are finished.

So there you have it, my experience with the supernatural caused by a trip to the Leaky Cauldron and a stroll down Diagon Alley!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “When is fact likely to be stranger than fiction……..?

  1. Hope this project goes well for you Dave, and there is no lingering curses on opening the packets ! My wife said that she liked the models, and is a huge Harry Potter fan, sadly for her I’m not ! LOL

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