5 thoughts on “Marvel Zombies

    1. Hi Pete, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The cheapest is US$130 for the Marvel Zombies core box and all applicable rewards. My experience with CMON is that they are generally very good value kickstarters.

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  1. I did see this on CMON’s kickstarter email blast! I do like the Zombicide, but I’ve got two genres with a third coming this summer(?). After awhile it’s mostly the same game with a different theme. That being said, I could see myself getting Invaders Zombicide, just o paint some sci-fi space stuff, but that would have to be down he road once we get done with the Wild, Wild, West!


  2. I actually only the buy the game for the figures which are cheap and awesome. The game for me is just freebie packaging! Some of the models do look great but as you say I think we both have enough Kickstarters on the go that will take the next ten years to paint.


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