Season of Scenery Update 8

I have not had a chance to get much hobby stuff done over the last few days so I do not have much to report. Today I was able to get to Bunnings to buy some acrylic spray paint to start undercoating everything. Given the hill cliffs and the dungeon stones will all be grey a black undercoat was ideal.

I chose this brand as I have used them before:

With two coats on the hills and one and a “touch up” on the dungeon there is still a bit left in the can. I will need to buy at least another one to do the green foam. A warning with this brand – most colours are NOT acrylic and are NOT suitable for use with foam.

Paving stones.

The stones with the cave system.

Close up view.

Skull Mountain with two coats of undercoat.

Skull Cave

Will not get much done tomorrow so may be a few more days before I get a chance to undercoat the foam and start working on the paving stones.

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