Season of Scenery 9

I had about an hour this afternoon to go crazy with some spray cans. Fortunately it was a sunny afternoon and I could get outside to work on the project.

The first thing I did was to paint the flat spots on the hills that were going to be “flocked” a green. I find that black can sometimes “bleeds through” the flocking. Painting it a colour that will match the flocking prevents this.

Remember these hills are for gaming and need to be flat and practical to stand figures on.

I then worked on the tiled cave floor. First it was sprayed with several shades of grey paint, and then VERY LIGHTLY sprayed from about 18″ with various colours to break up the grey.

It was then dry brushed with several different browns to dirty it up and then sprayed a clear semi-gloss. I find pavers and stepping stones look better with a satin or semi-gloss rather than a straight flat spray.

I then worked on the cavern walls, firstly spraying the walls black and then some various colours on top. I started with black also on top but this took away from the walls and tiles. Although bright it seems to add rather than take away from the overall finish but I would like some feedback on that.

Sprayed on the “drop sheet” outside.

Sitting on the cavern floor base.

I will paint over the top over-spray when I do the walls.

I was going to paint the walls a matt grey with highlights, but I think that will be too much like the tiles. At this stage I am intending to leave them black, with some light blue and grey highlights to lift them. What do people think?

12 thoughts on “Season of Scenery 9

  1. If you like the results Dave that’s the main thing, the cavern walls you could do in dark greys and black and they will still stand out against the floor tiles.

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