Zombie Dogs

Zombie Dogs is a term referring to domesticated canines infected with the zombie virus through its secondary method, namely the ingestion of infected food or organisms. It should be noted that they are separate from the Cerberuses, which were created specifically as a Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.? Wow!), while zombie dogs are viewed and treated as unintended side-effects of the zombie virus dispersal and are thus classified as irregular mutants. Still that doesn’t explain what happened at marvel stadium last night( does it!

Dog-gone? Bulldogs’ finals hopes fade!

WESTERN BULLDOGS     3.4      5.5       9.9      11.12 (78)
FREMANTLE                     5.1      9.4      13.8     14.11 (95)

Guru Says “whenever someone supports a perennial cellar dweller one should be prepared for disappointment”!

Guru is always prepared!

At least this lot will be useful in Zona Alpha and Post Apocalyptic games although I think some of them would be ideal playing in defence for the Western Bulldogs! They would at least have more bite!

The miniatures are 3D prints from Miniporium.

9 thoughts on “Zombie Dogs

      1. I should start to prep those for painting… something a little different (and fast!) for the October paint challenges Apocalypse Me and also Zombtober….


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