Vampires suck (1)

Grandpa jokes I know, but the rugrats love Transylvanian and think vampires are “cool”! I should show them “Fright Night” to set them straight! I have a few game sets now that feature vampires and I needed to get out of my coffin and get some painted.

I really like the “Fist Full of Lead Tales of Horror” set from Wiley Games and have set my Vampire Covens up for their rules.

There is a Master or Mistress Vampire, an Acolyte or bride vampire and up to three fledgling vampires, each with various skills. One fledgling vampire can be swapped for a group of three henchmen or three horde bases such as bats, rats or a wolf.

I have chosen a group of three Cossack Count’s guards as a henchmen choice.

Fledgling Vampire, in this case the Counts former butler!

The counts former footman is another fledgling vampire.

The Countess.

The count himself!

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