Season of Scenery 14

Forgive me fellow bloggers for I have sinned.

It has been five days since my last Season of Scenery update and not much has happened.

I have been a little busy with family and catching up on some miniature painting but the real reason is that I have just been slack! While looking for something else I came across the Knights of Dice Church I have had for years, and decided to put it together to use in my Vampire and Silver bayonet scenarios.

It is a wonderful kit, but before they optimised their products, and so is very time consuming to put together, needless to say I haven’t built much of it.

I also needed to be able to surround it with a graveyard (every Vampire worth the home soil in his coffin needs a graveyard) and also needed some graves for the crypt of previous phantoms. There have been twenty two phantoms up to the present day (the comics are up to about number 32 with their futuristic stories), but I only have enough space for five in the room for them. You will note a secret passageway into further parts of the crypt (builder and gamers license and solution!).

I have put together 24 four graves using 60 X 40mmm bases I use for Napoleonic figures, mdf kit off cuts (the doorways from the dungeon doors for the tops stones for example), and the Knights of Dice tombstones kit.

They will be sturdy enough to store and look OK painted up so I am pleased with how they have came out so far.

In the crypt room.

Eight of the tombstones undercoated with a matt black cheap spray can.

Dry brushed with an acrylic grey and highlighted with various inks.

Highlighted with a dry brush white and the edge framed in black.

In situ in the skull cave.

The “Ghost Who Walks” paying his respects.

I now have one room of the skull cave completed!

6 thoughts on “Season of Scenery 14

  1. Thanks. Most were from the figure basing and mdf bits boxes with a few cemetery pieces thrown in. Given it was made out of bits and pieces I am very pleased with the outcome. Lesson: don’t throw out those mdf punch outs especially curved windows!


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