Merry Men (and some women) in tights 4.

The character models are specifically for the Death and Taxes supplement but the figures are generic types and can be used in any medieval system.

The priest of Wimentum

A typical village priest with a blunt weapon, traditional so that they cannot spill blood (sine effusione sanguinis). The figure comes mounted and dismounted.

The Arcbishop of York

A medieval Bishop was someone who enjoyed considerable authority and power. Walter De Gray, the Archbishop of York was a favourite of King John and was at the signing of the Magna Carter. He would be in strict opposition to the breach in law and order provided by Robin Hood and his outlaws.

The Leper

Another accurate figure with the leper carrying his bell to warn anyone approaching. Leprosy was one of the worst afflictions you could have in medieval times because they were believed to be unclean by the church and outcast from society. In the Death and Taxes campaign is adopted by the kindly Priest of wimentum and features at the centre of the first scenario.

The Outlaw Spy

Where would a campaign be without a spy.

The outlaw spy is their eyes and ears and appears in the first scenario. If he survives he can be used in later scenarios. A great little model.

The Poacher and Gamekeeper

Poaching was still a common offence at this time with many of the large woodlands owned by the crown. King John was ruthless in the protection of his interests. Game Keepers were put in place to protect the King’s deer and pheasants.

The Poacher

The Game keeper armed with the Norman crossbow. This signifies his allegiance to King John.

King John the Arch Protagonist.


Falcons were excellent at hunting small mammals and birds.

Despite the falcon looking a bit like one of those wooden ducks the figure covers an interesting subject not often seen in 28mm.

The finishes the figures I have painted, but before I end this post I should say something about the Death and Taxes campaign supplement itself.

It is a very well produced booklet that provides all of the Footsore “Baron’s Wars” rules and statistics to use the figures within that system. The campaign leader generator, rules and maps are excellent. If you do not use the “Baron’s Wars” rules the booklet is still well worth the purchase if you wish to run a dark age or medieval small skirmish style game.

9 thoughts on “Merry Men (and some women) in tights 4.

    1. Pete, they are just story props with an influence on the next game. Nothing with your gaming experience that you couldn’t design yourself. If you are interested in medieval skirmish or playing Baron’s Wars rules then buy it otherwise the ides in Lion/Dragon Rampart are just as good.

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  1. Oh wait, so the rule in D&D that Clerics can’t carry blunt weapons comes from this idea that blunt weapons won’t spill blood?! Never knew there was a connection. But I guess whomever made that rule never saw how much blood can result from getting hit by a blunt weapon!

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