Roswell Xenomorphs

These great miniatures are from Slave2Gaming an Australian manufacturer of a significant range of figures across a number of scales. As well as their aliens I have a selection of their Elvis Impersonators and will shortly purchase some of their WW2 Bardia Australians.

Scorpion attack vehicle, 2 infantry squads and a heavy weapons squad.

There are not many Roswell grey type aliens out there and the Slave2Gaming are the only ones with attack vehicles and troop transports that I am aware of.

Aliens disembark from their spaceship following their aerial bombardment.

Alien heavy weapon.

Squad with commander, support weapon and three squad members.

Scorpion attack vehicle and crew.

Scorpion with alien supreme leader (supreme leader from Crooked Dice games).

Alien company leader or “Alien Hunter”

Alien company leader or “predator hunter”.

Alien Supreme Leader, or psycher (“telekinesist)”.

Aliens advance through the ruined city.

Supreme leader in Scorpion .

Alien squad.

I have ordered transports, which look the same as the scorpion but without the rail cannon.

I have also ordered more troops to add some more squads. I am very pleased with the figurers and the service I have received from Drew at Slave2Gaming. He has been very accommodating with my demanding requests!

The Slave2Gaming range includes Australians at Bardia and in Korea and an excellent 15mm fantasy range and interesting set of rules which I will review in a few days time. I can wholeheartedly recommend them and would suggest that you have a look at their range –Slave2Gaming .

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