Abominape transforms!

The abominape fits the yeti genre as they are described as “An irritable simian whose pelt and skin have taken a similar coloration to its snowy environment. Unlike its rowdy comrades, the abominape is less close-minded and more willing to attack the whole party than singling out a member. Despite this, it’s awfully absent-minded and will sometimes space out in the middle of combat.” Dragon quest wiki.

The Zombicide “Undead or Alive” Abominape.

I would normally undercoat a project like this in a matt white but given the plastic of the model was bright red this would “bleach” through. I decide to use my normal TS3 undercoat and then do a second coat in matt white.

The model with white undercoat.

Next I washed the entire model in a Reiksland Earthshade from GW, At this stage I was following the same process that I was using for the Yeti I had painted earlier in the month.

I then dry brushed her a medium sea grey, lotherian light blue and corax white ready for her final blue wash and white dry brushing.

A watered down blue wash.

This close up shows how the individual dry brushing and washes have blended to provide depth to the fur and highlights to the flesh.

A final white dry brush.

The completed model with all of the “fiddly bits” done and a matt varnish for protection.

With the rest of her clan.

A size comparison. The “explorer” is an exaggerated 28mm (closer to 32mm) in height. He is dwarfed by the Yeti let alone the Abominape!

Not sure what to call her other than Mame! Maybe really big foot, maybe Sasquash, but probably just Abominyeti! Any ideas?

PS At least I can now say I have started painting my Zombicide “Undead or Alive” collection! The rest! who knows?

12 thoughts on “Abominape transforms!

  1. That’s one beastly-sized beastie! Looks great – the subtle purple tones really work to give the model depth and avoid a monochrome look. I’ve opened mine up as well and given it an initial coat of primer so I can find any egregious mould lines and assembly gaps, so mine will be a little ways behind. Looking forward to seeing that partner-Croc from the set that you were showing me as well!

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