The Sun rises in the East

Last Wednesday Rob D gave me these at the Axes and Ales Club Meeting.

The box consists of 30 Japanese Infantry that can cover the Japanese Army from Manchuria to Okinawa. I wanted to try and have these ready for next week meeting so have puched myself to put them together and start painting.

I have completed a “Command Unit”. Whilst not strictly what Bolt Action would consider a command group it consists of the platoon leader, an ensign bearer and a bugler.

The rest of the figures are assembled, undercoated and I have started painting them.

From left to right, a second standard bearer, 12 infantry, 2 knee mortars for squads, 2 squad leaders, 2 light machine gun crews, 3 knee mortars for a grenadier squad, suicide anti-tank team, and 2 SMG’s. This will make two complete squads with lots of alternatives. I will need two more boxes a light tank, an armoured car, support options, and a 75mm light howitzer to complete the army I am after.

The army list I am working on completing is

As this army is not a main priority I will continue to pick things up at “Bring and buys” and when on sale.

Thanks to Easy Army for this download.

10 thoughts on “The Sun rises in the East

  1. Great looking command group and I’m astounded at how fast the rest of the force is getting together. I can understand the painting, but the prep and assembly is the most painful part and you’ve already knocked your way through it!

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    1. Thanks Az. I noticed some were put together too quickly and the arms and body required and bit of trimming. I really hate putting together Warlord infantry and tend to get it done as soon as I can.


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