Guru needs to become mechanised

Hi all just wanted some advice and info on 28mm mechs out there. I know that Westwind have a few in their “Weird War” range:

As do warlords in their Konflict 47:

Does anyone else but Games Workshop sell something similar.

I am after miniatures not stl files and need (want?) 2 heavy mechs, and four medium ones and wish to fund them with the sale of about one hundred Mech-war mechs which is quite popular in Melbourne now. The mechs need to be larger than a 28mm tank in height not necessarily footprint.


13 thoughts on “Guru needs to become mechanised

  1. Yeah, DUST Tactics, DUST 1947 and the other iterations are a great source of WWWII Mechs. I picked up several a few years ago so I could play DUST as well as games like K’47. Hard plastic kits, but pretty hard to get hold of here in AU now.. still a fair bit on eBay from US sellers. AT43 stuff is also good, but more generic sci-fi than WWII-based.

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      1. I can’t find the boxes! 😦
        I went to take the pics yesterday. I remember I reboxed a lot of the smaller boxed stuff into the larger coffin starter box(es) to save space, and put them in the shelf. But now that shelf has tubs with 15mm terrain in it and I have NFI where the DUST boxes went, even though they’re bloody huge.
        I have one more idea of where they *might* be. I’ll have another look again later today…


  2. The mechs come in several sizes.
    There’s the “terminator armour” sized ones – and then they go up from there – there’s basically several standard-ish sizes.
    Here’s some pics of some from the web of some that I’ve been looking for:
    These are from the “1st edition” starter in the large “coffin” boxes—dust-tactics.html

    These are in a “legs squat” (firing position?) and unfortunately not posable at all as they’re pre-built, pre-primed, but you can see they’re a decent size.


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