Pussycats Pussycats I wuvs you…..

Yesterday tehlulzpare posted on his new kitten and Victoria Miniatures ratling snipers.

This reminded me that two months ago we took on a stray that had been abandoned when some neighbours moved – disgusts me! She was not desexed or microchipped so we could not return her and anyway, she had chosen us by not leaving our doorstep!

SWMBO calls her Possum, but I call her “Fuggly” because she is! Still love her but she is fuggly

Well you know what happened! A few weeks later she turned out to be pregnant! We have a totally cat enclosed garden so this occurred before we took her on.

Instead of an extra one we now have seven! We will give them a good start and makes sure they have their Vet checks, inoculations and microchips, then try and find some good homes for them ALL.

At least that is the plan. I think SWMBO has secret plans to keep the lot! In our Batman games SWMBO always plays Cat Woman for a reason!

“Fuggly is a great mum and her brood have more than doubled in size since their birth on Friday night!

They have provided us with great joy in a week of upheaval! Back to different kinds of pussycats tomorrow!

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