Forward Observers and Coastwatchers

More than 600 Coastwatchers served in Australia, New Guinea and the Pacific Islands during World War II. They included RAAF, AIF, RAN, 1 WRAN, (Women’s Royal Australian Naval Officer) US Marines and US Army personnel, members of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force and 13 civilians. The thirty eight Coastwatchers who died are notContinue reading “Forward Observers and Coastwatchers”

Lieutenant Thomas Currie Derrick, VC, DCM (1914–1945)

Mark Johnston’s edited book Derrick VC in his own words: The wartime writings of Australia’s most famous fighting soldier of World War II.  The book was purchased through Amazon and is a great read. A mix of diary and commentary by Mark Johnson, I thoroughly recommend it. I new about the history of Derrick’s war serviceContinue reading “Lieutenant Thomas Currie Derrick, VC, DCM (1914–1945)”

Australian Flame Thrower Team

“Possibly one of the most terrifying and demoralising infantry weapons ever produced is the portable flamethrower. As the introduction to the 1944 Australian Army training pamphlet for flamethrowers states: ” … flame has a powerful psychological effect in that humans instinctively withdraw from it, even when their morale is good. In addition, it is aContinue reading “Australian Flame Thrower Team”

New Guinea Sniper

An unidentified soldier uses a .303 Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle Drawn from hunters, competitive shooters, natural marksmen, outdoorsmen, city dwellers, farmers and veteran soldiers, they fought to assert local battlefield dominance and instil among their enemy a paralysing fear. Sometimes admired and other times reviled by their own comrades because of the retaliation theyContinue reading “New Guinea Sniper”

My Father plays dominoes………

This collection was a small ten figure Kickstarter from Midlam Miniatures. Like other small manufacturers they are now regularly testing a new range on Kickstarter before commencing manufacture. I like their work but until this starter there was nothing I was really interested in. It was not that cheap at about AU$6.00 per figure butContinue reading “My Father plays dominoes………”

“When life gives you lemons…..suck the juice out of them and spit out the pips”

Or you can watch the second season of “Warrior Nun” I don’t think I am making a spoiler with this one – a corrupt Vatican whodah thought! Now I don’t pretend that this is any high brow intellectually stimulating show, but it has b#tch fights, attractive ladies and has an excellent action-adventure story. What’s notContinue reading ““When life gives you lemons…..suck the juice out of them and spit out the pips””