Mischievous Mariners and their Tramp Steamers

As opposed to freight liners, Tramp Steamers do not have a fixed itinerary or published ports of call and trade on the spot market. The term Tramp for Tramp Steamer came from the British meaning of ‘tramp’ as a vagrant and was first documented in the 1880s. Tramp Steamers appear in a lot of PulpContinue reading “Mischievous Mariners and their Tramp Steamers”

Representing Classic Jungle Pulp Heroes in 7TV Pulp games

It doesn’t matter if your fancy is John Clayton (Lord Greystoke) or James Bradley (Jungle Jim) or even just plain George and his “mate” Tookie there is a place in 7TV Pulp for you. Let’s start with Tarzan first. There are endless options with a standard 35 star rating cast. The obvious choices are TarzanContinue reading “Representing Classic Jungle Pulp Heroes in 7TV Pulp games”

Win a prize – no this is not spam and neither is the prize!

I have four 20mm S model French H35 tanks to give away that I will never put together or use. I have tried to give them away to my normal gaming group but there were no takers. So I have decided to run a competition for blog followers – “What did you just say”! TheContinue reading “Win a prize – no this is not spam and neither is the prize!”

German Seebattallion figures.

The Ainsty River Launch posted on yesterday needs some crew, and what better than Bob Murch’s Pulp German Seebattallion figures. Bob Murch’s Pulp Seebattallion Officers PGS 01 Firstly I chose the officers pack with five figures. At this stage I do not intend using the Ships Captain with cigarette (in white), as I have anotherContinue reading “German Seebattallion figures.”

“Ainsty Castings” River Launch

The Ainsty River launch comes in two versions: The first is with binnacle controls (a type of joy stick throttle) or: The one that I purchased with cabin. I plan on using this for Pulp type games and will finish off the project tomorrow. Shown with cabin detached. For size comparison against the U-boat. TheContinue reading ““Ainsty Castings” River Launch”