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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

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“Apocalypse Me” Zombies (11) – Zombie Abomination

Mutated beyond recognition, the Abomination is the Survivors’ worst nightmare. Only the most powerful weapons can kill this monster. A well-aimed Molotov or flame thrower will usually do the trick.

“Red Teams and Counter Terrorism Training” – a Book Review

Below are several reviewers comments on this book whose erudite comments accurately portray my thoughts on the book “Keeping ahead of terrorists requires innovative, up-to-date training. This follow-up to Stephen Sloan’s pioneering 1981 book, Simulating Terrorism, takes stock of twenty-first-century terrorism–then equips readers to effectively counter it. Quickly canvassing the evolution of terrorism–and of counterterrorismContinue reading ““Red Teams and Counter Terrorism Training” – a Book Review”

“Zulk” Teaser

The “green stuff” arrived from Mighty Ape today and my first effort at using this stuff was just OK. You have to remember that the last time I did something like this was when playing with Plasticine at Kindergarten more than six decades ago! I wanted the pustules to be of a suitable Zulk sizeContinue reading ““Zulk” Teaser”

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