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Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry (3) 4th “Salera” Line Infantry Regiment (1806)

This is the last of the Napoleonic Bavarians today with the 4th “Salera” Line Infantry Regiment (1806). There will be some Prussians coming in about a month and there will always be additions to my Austrian army, but I am hoping to give the Napoleonic period a rest for a while and try and completeContinue reading “Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry (3) 4th “Salera” Line Infantry Regiment (1806)”

Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry (2) 3rd “Prinz Karl” Line Infantry regiment.

Back to the Bavarians today with the 3rd “Prinz Karl” Line Infantry regiment. In 1799 there was a maqor reorganisation of the in fantry which aboloshied the “Rumford” uniform and reintroduced regimental titles rarther than n ujmers, although numbers were aghain reitroduced in 1806 as the primary form of identification. Despite this both forms ofContinue reading “Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry (2) 3rd “Prinz Karl” Line Infantry regiment.”

Napoleonic Cavalry Regiments (22) Danish Jutland Heavy Cavalry

The Danish Heavy Cavalry wore red jackets, blue overalls, with the Jutland unit having green facings piped white. The blue overalls were replaced in 1810 by grey due to the war preventing the blue dye from being obtained. The lack of uniform decoration after 1807 reflected Denmark’s approaching bankruptcy. Twelve member of each squadron wereContinue reading “Napoleonic Cavalry Regiments (22) Danish Jutland Heavy Cavalry”

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