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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

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Mea Culpa

I have been really busy this last week and having trouble just keeping up with my daily post. I will get to all of your commen ts and replies over the weekend! Sorry!

Dire Wolves

Not much completed over the last few days. Just these Wolves that I will use as “Dire Wolves” from the Reaper Kickstarter The models are very good sculpts. There is also another Werewolf to add to the collection. Werewolf Direwolf Large wolf that I will use as the Pack Alpha or leader. Tomorrow I shouldContinue reading “Dire Wolves”

Tomorrow’s War 2nd Edition

Tomorrow’s War 2nd Edition is and Ambush Ally Games set of rules first published in 2011 by Osprey, and no longer available in print, although you can download the pdf from Ambush Ally for US $25.00. I was lucky enough to find a second-hand copy on Amazon for sale and it arrived a few daysContinue reading “Tomorrow’s War 2nd Edition”

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