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Infinity Nomad Szalamandra (TAG)

The T.A.G.s of Tunguska receive their name of Szalamandra because of their similarity to the mythical salamandra that could live in the midst of fire and who could also spit fire.The heavy armour that they wear allows them to stand the hardest punishment. The Szalamandra’s thick armor allows it to withstand the toughest of punishments,Continue reading “Infinity Nomad Szalamandra (TAG)”

Murmurs in Nokandoo

The small village of Nokandoo is situated on the Denial river. Many and varied adventures have been had inside its confines (see posts “treasure hunting“, “Which Dr“, and “In the jungle” to name a few. The tombs which scatter the outskirts of Nokandoo are full of tomb guards which are a group of mysterious ancestorContinue reading “Murmurs in Nokandoo”

Infinity Nomad Iguana squad

The Tactical Armored Gear (TAG) of the Iguana squads is not the best or newest that can be found on the market, but it has strong mechanical systems and is easy to repair on campaign. In addition, it has received an optimization package developed in Bakunin. The Iguana is one of the few TAGs toContinue reading “Infinity Nomad Iguana squad”

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