Guru’s Games

I have just added a new page to my blog which will include some of the games and rule sets that I have put together over the years. The link to the page is HERE.

I will periodically add new ones so it will be worthwhile having the occasional look to see if there is anything new.

The first set is a one page set of pirate rules “Scurvy Dogs”. This is a fast paced skirmish game based in the golden age of pirates. I have included the rules, the two sets of cards required, and some sample pirate gangs.

I intend to add the following sets of rules over the next few weeks:

  • Proelium Lacertis (Battle of Lizards), which is a Dinosaur fighting game based on a hex grid table using any available toy dinosaurs; and

I have also added:

  • Vae Victus, a Roman Barbarian skirmish game using 75mm plastic figures;
  • Sand Sweat and Camels for 20mm WW1 in Palestine;
  • Flames Along the Mohawk, a French Indian War set of skirmishing rules where your small detachment gains skills and expertise from game to game.

I also hope to add in the next few days:

Tennyson anyone? A 54mm game representing the Charge of the Light Brigade. Each player is in command 0f one of the units in the Light Brigade,s and you a vying with each other to be the first to reach the Russian guns and survive. The unique movement system uses lines of Tennyson’s poem.

They Were Expendable for small ship action in WW2.

9 thoughts on “Guru’s Games

  1. The pirate and dinosaur games were designed for participation games where you get lots of younger teenagers so are great fun, but still have enough tactics in them for the more “serious” gamer! Chocolate coins are must for “pirate treasure”!

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  2. Thanks John. These are not the new rules I am working on but an older set. I am just doing an up to date edit of them to make them suitable for a wider audience than our club. Should be there in the next few days. The new ones are a few months off.

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  3. Thanks Roger. I liked Sir Harry and the dinosaurs, although mine is dinosaur to dinosaur combat. I also have a copy of “Tusk” as well – anything with a hero named Og is worth playing!

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    1. Thanks Guru, Matt Hartley (who wrote TUSK) is a good chap, and allowed me to plagiarise his rules shamelessly. He used to work writing computer games. not sure if he still is as haven’t seen him for years.

      Cheers Roger.

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