Tuesday Gaming Night

Every Tuesday night we catch up with our eldest son for dinner and gaming. Normally we play a game with our grandchildren before dinner and then play a game with the adults afterwards.

Tonight my son and I decided to introduce David (eight) and Charles (six) to the delights of wargaming.

I have been trying to get Necromolds Monster Battles for ages but cannot find one any where. If any of you out there know where one is available please let me know. This is a game that when you attack your opponents playdough model you “splat” them which the kids would love.

With that not being available and, them both being dinosaur fanatics, which you will remember from our Museum exploits, we decided to have a battle with dinosaurs. The rules can be found here.

All six of us became either a T-Rex (a munch munch munch) or a Triceratops (a stab stab stab) for the evening.

We ended up playing one game with all of us before the ladies retired to talk knitting and such like and left the male grown ups to take on the two young boys.

The munch munch munch’s of Grandpa and the two boys take on the lone stab stab stab of their mother. To the delight of all the munch munch munchs present.

The tide was quickly turned with one munch munch munch a pile of bones and the other taking on three stab stab stabs.

Another munch munch munch goes down while the other is attacked by one of its own. So much for Jurassic kinship.

Ouch that hurts!

Come on I’ll have ya!

Oh well so much for the carnivores. Grandpa and the grandchildren zip and three!

With the ladies retired it was grandpa and dad’s revenge on the boys. Yeah right!

Thing started well for the old guys with a stab stab stab a pile of bones.

The two bull dinos take each other on.

Oops things are getting a bit hot here!

First one stab stab stab down evening things up.

Then two and then three for a humiliating defeat on the old guys! Down 3 to 1! being a competitive bunch the old guys wanted another game to even things up and this time we took the victorious carnosaurs.

One all! With things on track.

Two to one and things were looking good for the munch munch munchs!

Two all and the old guys were staring at another humiliating defeat by a combined boys age of fourteen.

Hmmm………. a six to one dice swing seals the old guys fate.

I hate this game! What idiot designed it!

What a great and hilarious way to celebrate young David’s eight birthday and Grandpa’s sixty ninth! At least I was able to enjoy the munch munch munch on the birthday cake.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Gaming Night

  1. Thanks mate. Mine too! But don’t you mean the “stab stab stabs” won! I had to leave everything there as the kids want to play it during the week before next Tuesday. A real winner!

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  2. Happy Birthday, mate! I have to admit I wasn’t sure when I read this that you were the 69th (nice!) Birthday Boy. The game certainly looks like a lot of fun as well

    Liked by 2 people

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