I am not 69, I am 18 years old with 51 years of experience!!!!!

Best Wargaming birthday gifts

When I began writing this I thought (yes it does happen occasionally), “Guru you’ve stuffed up again. You should have posted this a month ago and made sure copies were left everywhere”!!!

  1. Miniatures: The obvious choice, if you let them know what to get. Hint leave a catalogue out with things highlighted!
  2. Rule books: This would be great for US to play if I only had the rules!
  3. Games: Leave a copy of your gameology (or other games retailer) wish list on the table
  4. Books: Leave a selection around so they know the sort of stuff you are interested in.
  5. Paints, brushes and tools: Must-haves for any hobbyists who want to make their collection look the best. You can always use more so this is an easy win for gift givers.
  6. Terrain, basing and markers: Even the most invested hobbyist can always use more of these. The “oh look at this, isn’t it great!” may actually work!
  7. Gaming aids: If I only had this laser light I would be able to hang all of the pictures straight on the wall!

Remember: If they get it wrong you can always buy it for their birthday!

Or maybe you’ll just get a mug instead.

Or maybe just some socks

17 thoughts on “I am not 69, I am 18 years old with 51 years of experience!!!!!

  1. My tried and tested method of leaving the list of what I want around the gaming room works, my wife knows just where to look for it, and then passes on the details to anyone who needs a gift idea ! LOL

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  2. One of my favorite gifts was one of those green ruled cutting mats for hobby work. I use it nonstop. Though it occurs to me that the wife might have been hinting that I needed to stop nicking and dripping paint and glue and plastic crumbs on the coffee table where I hobbied.

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  3. I think the best I can manage for your birthday is to read your post and “like” it! 🙂 Oh, and leave a comment saying “Happy Birthday”! Other than that I have long resorted to buying my own birthday presents. And, by the way, you’re 4 years older than me, since I reckon I’m just 14!

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  4. Haha nice post. I never ask for anything or expect anything and have also told everyone I don’t want anything. However there’s a quiet understanding that I’ll buy hobby stuff for myself here and there through the year. That’s my gift I guess hehe

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