6mm Desert Buildings

I am putting together some building and terrain for Battlesuit Alpha, a figure size and manufacturer neutral set of rules for Battlesuit fights in future wars.

I intend using my 6mm “Battletech”, mechs, tanks, infantries and fliers for these rules but need to build some terrain for them. As I have 6mm Zulu Wars figures I decided that African Savanna/desert terrain would do for both.

I found only two really price competitive 6mm buildings. Empires at War had some very nice ruined city blocks but these did not suit the concept I had in mind. Knights of Dice have 6mm Desert Building pack in their budget range which I decided on. Viv even dropped them off to the Axes and Ales club meeting for me.

The two packs I purchased took a little under an hour to put together. A nice touch was that each building had lines separating them on the punch out board, which made it easy to work out which walls went with which building. Warning: punch them out one building at a time and they go together quickly and easily. For most of the buildings I did not even need to glue them as they fitted together so well.

Some of the 16 building put together.

The second step was to lightly “paint” the walls, but not the roof with PVA glue, and coat them with a very fine sand.

I then sprayed them with Tamiya TS3 to provide both the undercoat and main coat.

They were then dry brushed with raw sienna, and burnt sienna poster paint and then dry brushed them white white to finish them off!

I will eventually base them as individual compounds like I have for my Zulu wars above, and provide a few ruined buildings as well.

A Battlesuit Alpha “Lance” (Team) of 3 Mechs a tank and a group of 3 grunts.

Mech using a building as partial cover.

Heavy infantry on the roof of a building.

I am really looking forward for the rules to arrive from Wiley Games.

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